B-side da Oscar

and the winner of Best Picture is

…and the winner of Best Picture is….

Che ne dite, l’oscar lo vincerà lei?
Buon Lunedì Carissimi
…e tutti al cinema!!!


3 thoughts on “B-side da Oscar

  1. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous shot.

    Thank you so much for the like on Facebook. I’m really having trouble getting things started on Facebook, where I have a product page for my upcoming book and not a personal page. This means I can’t “like” back on FB, which is crazy!

    J’ai vu que vous parliez des tas de langues. Nous en avons deux et demie en commun (j’ai un peu honte de mon italien)… Et à nous deux nous parlons près de dix langues!

    In any event, you rock! I love your site.

    • It’s always a pleasure for me and thank you for visits.

      Facebook is more restrictive for certain topics, such as nude or porn for example, if someone then takes aim with alerts then it is really hard. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble, however, always be consistent and continue your way. As far as I’m concerned when I post something on the blog that would violate the rules of FB, I’m limited to publishing only the link to the article with only the preview, so no one can report it, is not possible to report a link.

      Yes it’s true, I speak different languages​​, I like it, is also because I am bilingual (French and Italian), I was born in Paris from Italian parents, now living near Rome from several years, I have learned English for work, I’m a chef, but I need to refine it, at this moment I do not speak it a lot and I need a help of a translator, so if you read some bullshit is the fault of google translator 😆

      What else to say? Good luck for your book and see you soon.

      Au Revoir
      ….or you prefer Ciao?

      • Absolument!

        Votre anglais est plus que correct et nous pouvons toujours échanger en français: ma mère est française et j’ai vécu longtemps à Paris…

        J’ai une arrière grand-mère italienne. Mais je ne maîtrise pas assez la langue pour l’écrire.

        Merci de vos conseils et à très bientôt donc.


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